What Readers are Saying


What Readers are Saying about Passion and Power

Received Passion and Power yesterday. How delightful, thank you for including me. I’ve read many of the stories and find mine unique. Way to go, woman, I’m impressed.

— Greg Wilbur, Metalsmith


The book is beautiful and it exceeds all my expectations. I am proud and honored to have participated. You highlighted several people that I was not aware of their work or story. To me that is what is most exciting about your book. There are quite a few books that have been published that cover the same artist blacksmiths. It is refreshing to see new faces.

— William Roan, Blacksmith, Toymaker, Gargoylist


It’s a beautiful book, and you did a wonderful job of presenting all of us, not only as artists, but as people. There’s a delightful human element to all of the stories. And Ben’s photography is terrific; the book is a visual treat.

— Ward Brinegar, Blacksmith


I would love to see this book in the hands of students and artists, part of art curricula in schools and colleges. I am intrigued with the groupings by state. How has place influenced the art?

— Ellen Cronin, ordinary citizen


I am humbled to be found among such an assemblage of truly great craftsmen and women. The cover image and dozens of other pictures within are truly inspirational. The story lines are real and the heartfelt telling of those I have had time to peruse is well delivered.

— David Burns, Metalsmith



What Readers are Saying about Lives Shaped by Steel

I have just now had a chance to glance through your book. What a lovely, lovely colletion of art you have found and documented. Your comments are so warm and elegant and describe each person with such individuality that it is clear how much personality and character each person is, and has. The photographs are also just beautiful, well framed, and seem like they belong where they are and show what they need to show. So thank you so much for writing this book. I know I'll be browsing with pleasure on many a future winter's evening.

— Anne Anderson, Washington, DC


I received 'Lives Shaped by Steel' and it is a marvelous book. The photography is excellent and sure displays a wide portfolio of talented work. Some of the gates are spectacular. Congratulations.

— Dave Allen, WV


Thanks for sending a copy of your book. This is very nicely done. It really is beautiful . . . and all that color! It'd make a great autograph book!

— Brian Gilbert, TN


I've had a couple of days to look over your book and I have really enjoyed it. It is unusual to get such detailed artist profiles and I really liked reading about the blacksmiths, the approaches to their work, and their personal backgrounds and experiences. I found many of the profiles to be inspiring. Also, I enjoyed finding blacksmith friends and acquaintances — the regional approach was a good idea! I'll be sure to recommend your book to other smiths.

— Jody Best, PA


Your book is a gem and a great record of the state of artist-blacksmithing along the whole eastern seaboard at this particular moment. It is one of those rare and special milestones that will stand the test of time. This is all the more so because in addition to the staggering amount of material which is presented and presented so well, I can sense from reading your profiles of colleagues with whom I am familiar, that your “radar” and understanding of the personal dynamics and personalities involved is also spot on.

— Dimitri Gerakaris, NH


You certainly have done yourself proud and thus you have done all of us proud. Such an attractive book ... layout, pictures, format. And a wonderful range of ironwork, tastes for everyone. All accompanied by a very gracious and generous text. We are all in your debt.

— Nol Putnam, VA


Received your book Saturday. Thanks so much! It's wonderful! It must have been hard to write something different about each one of us, but you did a fabulous job.

— Randy McDaniel, PA


Nancy, thank you for the book. It's great. It's the third book that I have been in but the one I'm most proud of. You did a really nice job.

— George Martell, MA


You did great and I don't see it not being appreciated by the general public. It's beautiful!!

— New Castle Iron: Sharon, Bo, Bob, Sue; FL